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5 Tips for Booking the Best Hotel Room

5 Tips for Booking the Best Hotel Room

Don’t let your excitement cloud your judgement and consider these tips to make sure you’re off to a great start. Booking a hotel room does have some specifics to watch out for. A frustrating experience at the hotel can really put a negative vibe over your trip. But don’t worry as SVParking has the best tips for you.

1. Get your dates

It’s a good idea to work out a rough itinerary before you start booking. That way, you know where you’ll be on each particular day and can book your hotels accordingly. Don’t forget to take travel times into consideration.

2. Booking in the right location

Take the hotel’s location into consideration before you get too excited about the rooftop spa. Some good quality hotels aren’t in city centers but are located closer to business centers or the airport.  More often than not, on a vacation, you will want to stay in the city center or Old Town.Either use Google Maps to see the exact location of the hotel and the tourist sites. If you’re particularly interested in something or are going for an event, try to stay at close proximity to it.

3. Hotel amenities and accessibility

Something like air conditioning might seem obvious to you, but in some destinations, it isn’t a given. Do you need parking or travel around the world with your pet? Make sure you filter out hotels that can’t accommodate those requests. In destinations with less tourist infrastructure, make sure that your hotel has a good onsite restaurant. It may be your only chance to get a proper meal.

4. Book in advance

One to two months before travel is optimal, unless you are visiting a popular event or over a major holiday. Booking too far in advance could have you scooping up the highest prices but waiting too long can result in the hotel being booked solid or offering only the most expensive rooms.  

5. Make sure its clean

Nothing feels better than coming home to a beautiful, comfortable hotel room after a day out exploring. Check reviews on Google maps, on Booking.com, or wherever you book your hotels on. The reviews will without a doubt include information about how clean (or not) the hotel is.

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