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Top 10 tips to make those long flights just a little more comfortable

Top 10 tips to make those long flights just a little more comfortable

Lengthy flights can be uncomfortable, boring, and exhausting. The inconveniences of lengthy travel can be as little as annoying seat-mates all the way to deep-vein thrombosis; a poorly planned flight can not only negatively influence your day, but your whole trip as well. Luckily SVParking as the perfect tips to make your long hull flight a success.

1. Book your tickets early

The earlier you book your tickets the better chance you have of scoring the seat you want.

2. Spend just a little more for premium economy

Even though it might be slightly more expensive, the benefits far outweigh the extra cost; priority check-in, extra legroom, comfortable seats make it all worth it.

3. Check in early

The last thing you need before a length flight is to be rushing through the airport in a panic.

4. Don’t overpack your carry-ons

Even though you will need more for this flight, it doesn’t mean to over pack. Keep the essentials in your personal item so they’re always within arm’s reach.

5. Bring a travel pillow

Looking a little ridiculous is a small price to pay for not destroying your neck, and having a comfortable flight.

6.  Buckle your seat belt over your blanket

This will defiantly improve your comfort levels, just make sure to undo when your are planning to sleep.

7. Bring noise canceling headphones

These will help you  block out the airplane noise or loud passengers.

8. Dress right

Keep it loose and comfortable — you’re not here to impress anyone.

9. Make sure devices are fully charged

The absolute last thing you need is for your iPad to run out of juice one hour into an 11-hour flight

10. Prepare for jet lag

Trust us, staying awake for the 24 hours before your trip because you’re sure it’ll balance out once you arrive just doesn’t work. Make sure you get a good nights rest the day before your flight.

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