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What to Pack in your Car for a Beach Day (A Comprehensive List)

What to Pack in your Car for a Beach Day (A Comprehensive List)

As a Florida-Based company, we are coming to you with tips on what to pack in your car for a fun-filled beach day! Whether you are going with kids, or an adults-only relaxing day, we have some useful items in mind that could make or break your day!

  1. Beach Chairs (nothing is worse than sitting in burning hot sand!)
  2. An Umbrella (This cannot be emphasized enough! You can never get enough protection from the sun!)
  3. Sunblock (pretty self-explanatory lol!)
  4. Extra Hats (Believe it or not, you may lose your head-gear from wind or the ocean waves taking it away!)
  5. Beach Bag (Packed with your essentials), Make sure it’s waterproof!
  6. Toys (for kids)
  7. Sunglasses
  8. A good read!
  9. A swimsuit (if you’re not already in one)
  10. Sandals
  11. Goggles & a Snorkel!
  12. Frisbees/Beach Balls/Kite/Games
  13. Headphones/Speaker
  14. WATER! The most important item on this list.
  15. Chapstick
  16. Insulated bag with snacks and sandwiches
  17. Swimsuit Coverup
  18. Bug Spray
  19. Swim Diapers (for kids)
  20. Shade Tent
  21. Beach Blanket
  22. Life Jackets
  23. Floating Items
  24. Fishing Gear (if you’re into it)
  25. Wipes/Sanitizer/Medications

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