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The World Traveler’s Tips for Comfortable Flying

The World Traveler’s Tips for Comfortable Flying

We’re coming to you with 10 tips from the most experienced travelers and recommendations on how to make your flight just a little more comfortable!

  1. Wear socks! Or bring them…Always have the option of keeping your feet warm because sometimes you just can’t control the temperature
  2. THE STANDARD NECK PILLOW! Yes, even though it’s not ideal, it’s better than the alternative: no pillow.
  3. Pack a snack, especially if you’re a picky eater. Pretzels don’t cut it for everyone!
  4. Bring earplugs. The ones provided are likely not compatible with your phone, or, just extremely uncomfortable!
  5. Are you usually cold? Bring a blanket! Same concept as bringing/wearing socks.
  6. Use the recline option! Without laying in your rear-neighbor’s lap…
  7. Hydrate your skin before the flight! The air is dry on an airplane, and you may experience dry, cracked skin!
  8. Charge your phone before the flight! (Or any device for that matter)
  9. During these times (COVID times), bring some sanitization options (alcohol wipes, hand sanitizer, etc.), you never know how clean your area will be.
  10. If you have kids, pack activities for them!

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