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Travel Tips for the Sunshine State

Travel Tips for the Sunshine State

As a Florida-based company, we would love to offer our customers and future customers a list of Travel Tips for the Sunshine State! Park at one of our locations and relax at one of our beaches or enjoy the zoo! Whatever you do, these tips will come in handy!

  1. Carry an Umbrella (Florida is known for its unpredictable weather and unexpected thunderstorms, better to come prepared!)
  2. Carry Sunscreen (No matter what time of the year it is, you are bound to get some sun and a potential burn! Yikes!)
  3. Rent a Car with Tint (If you can, it will make the drive to any of your exciting destinations a little cooler- Pun Intended!)
  4. Beach Day? Wear a Hat (Yes, this is probably the most important thing aside from sunscreen and sunglasses! Totally underrated)
  5. Talk to the Locals! (We actually love giving our unbiased opinion on where to visit or not!)
  6. Sandals are a Must (We really want to say flip flops, but whatever floats your boat…)
  7. Speaking of Boats! (Bring some anti-nausea medicine in case you get sea sick and a handsome pile of towels!)
  8. Speaking of Towels… (We are on a roll here! Roll up some towels because you’ll need them for more typical Florida tourist attractions!)
  9. Don’t forget to Venture Out (There are so many other attractions in Florida besides the top 10 list you researched before departing! For example, Weeki Wachee!)
  10. Last but not Least, ASK IF THE FISH IS FRESH! (Yes, it matters! If you love fish, you will regret not indulging on some fresh caught fish!)

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