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Safety Tips for Parking your Car Overnight

Safety Tips for Parking your Car Overnight

If you’re spending money to keep your car in a lot so you don’t get towed, it doesn’t mean you are protected. Not always are cameras in perfect view of your vehicle and it’s better to be prepared ahead of time!

Source: https://www.holtsauto.com/holts/news/how-to-protect-your-car-against-thieves-8-helpful-tips-to-keep-your-vehicle-safe/

  1. Always Make Sure You Lock Your Car Properly
  2. Check, and Check Again
  3. Be Careful Where You Park (With our trusted parking locations you don’t have to worry about this! Our lots are high traffic and trusted lots that have a good reputation)
  4. Never Leave Your Belongings on Show
  5. Beef Up Your Security (For Example, Steering Wheel Locks)
  6. If You are Able, Get Connected (Via Applications through the Car Manufacturer)
  7. Think About Where You Keep your Keys
  8. What if the Worse Happens? (Call the Police)

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