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New Year’s Parking Solutions

New Year’s Parking Solutions

Finding parking during New Years Eve can be a total bust! Here are some tips for safe and reliable parking if you decide not to go with ridesharing services:

Check Online

If you know where you’re headed to celebrate New Year’s Eve you can check online to see if the venue has specific parking instructions or if parking can be purchased ahead of time. It’s a simple concept that tends to be overlooked due to last minute changes of plans and assuming that parking is always available, but it’s always better to be prepared!

Make Calls

Call around and see if the venue/location you are seeking has easy/quick parking available, check out the costs, and see if neighboring businesses allow parking for overflow during peak seasons.

Check Google Street/Satellite View

We all know someone who checks the street-view of a business to see the parking layout! This habit is valuable during busy times of the year and can save you the driving-around to find a nearby parking site. In fact, you can drop-down to satellite-view to see larger parking lots at-a-glance and find out the costs as a backup plan for people to split the payment if it ends up being pricey (since we know prices get jacked up during the Holidays)!

Book Ahead of Time

If you want to commit, you can book and pay ahead of time. Most places and online parking solutions offer cancellation up to 24 hours before your reservation to offer flexibility or last-minute changes. Most places are especially understanding this time of the year due to COVID!

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